Any field of expertise comes from the perspectives built on ‘real-world’ practical experience applied successfully in a range of diverse and challenging contexts.

Will Varey has spent his early career observing and guiding the lifecycles of organizations. He has seen intimately how capacity builds the potential for opportunity and how this builds further capacity in natural cycles of growth and development. Behind his lifelong observations in this area is a desire to see others achieve and by their efforts for our wider society as a whole to benefit.

His original disciplines were in public international and commercial law. Working for the National Regulator of government policy in mergers and acquisitions he saw how macro-movements in the economic environment determined organizational survival. As an international consultant in Indonesia working on SE Asian joint venture development projects he saw how all common enterprises require a blend of cultures, capital and capabilities to succeed. As a partner of professional advisory firms he led hundreds of organizations and ventures through the barriers of complexity to successful projects seamlessly. This gave him the diverse experience of seeing how many enterprises manage many different situations at each stage of their unique trajectory.

Becoming interested not simply in being able to, but in also knowing why, Will completed Masters research into organizational learning, behavioral psychology, business management, strategy formulation, systems complexity and integral theory. This prompted him to study the leading thinkers in business economics, competitive strategy, human resource management, contemporary philosophy and sustainable development – and to begin the practical integration of those fields. This led to various projects in designing and facilitating policy and strategic development for societal-level sustainability transitions.

His main area of applied research concerns the dynamics of development and generative emergence in human social systems. His doctoral dissertation conducted abductive theory research into the depiction of the psychodynamics of thought-ecologies. His present interests are in the practical application of these fields to generative systems theory by working with and enabling innovative learning communities.

Will has over this period developed a network of connections with specialist practitioners, each having the ability to contribute new solutions to different management challenges. All are personal leaders in their specialist areas. Combining his expertise in open inquiry with these specialist perspectives and empathetic delivery is what makes the difference in his work.

He actively supports commercial, academic and not-for profit organizations in their goals, both locally and internationally.


Bachelor of Jurisprudence (B. Juris)
Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honors) (LLB)
Graduate Business Qualification (GBQ Distn.)
Master of Leadership and Management (MLM Distn.)
Graduate Certificate in Integral Theory (JFKU)
Doctor of Philosophy РSustainability (PhD)

Present and Former Professional Memberships:

Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM)
Member of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)
Member of the International Association for Humanistic Psychology (AHP)
Admitted to the Supreme Courts of WA and NSW, Federal Court and High Court of Australia.


A recent publications list is here: (link)