Our service offering includes:

ADVISORY:  Specialist advisory work on the conditions required for generative growth and organizational learning.

We provide strategic growth management advice and strategic development planning facilitation. By anticipating the limitations of your organisation before they become a part of your business history a balanced trajectory of development is achieved.

CURATORSHIP: Providing project leadership and curatorship where this takes over from familiar forms of project management.

You know that effective project management is essential to sustaining business reputation. You also know that delivering well on a project that is conceptually compromised or ill-designed on formation might prove impossible. Our role occurs where the quality of outcome, being your ‘future’ reputation, is of equal significance to the cost and time of delivery. The time to do this is always at initial conception, team formation and first directions.

MENTORING: Personal stewardship and support for transformative change agents in enabling wider social change.

There are clear leaders in society that change for the better every project and role they are involved in. They move from strength to strength and eventually find they are making their own path where no-one else walks. Instead of coaching, our mentorship roles walk with you to ensure the path created is the one moving to where you were always destined to arrive.

LEARNING: Experiential training for the capacities to explore, enact and enhance organisational and societal futures.

Ultimately to enhance organisational capacity, advanced training is required. Being more than general leadership and management awareness, generative businesses actively practice ‘learning to learn’ to attain specific outcomes and to make innovation a vital part of the core cultural legacy. Apithology learning moves the forms of adult learning to a new level of contributive efficacy.

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