Apithologia is a research consultancy providing support to socially orientated organisations, learning communities, service providers and societal leaders. Our field of practice has also been formed to serve the discipline of apithology and its practitioners.

Apithology is the discipline used to study the causes of generativity in human (and other) living systems.

The name ‘apithologia’ comes from the plural of the essential dynamics that enable generative growth and wellbeing. The apithology of a generative enterprise involves a balanced trajectory ~ practically, socially and philosophically.

Essentially, we are caretakers for the generative potentials of the emergent and contributive benefits that flow from your unique undertaking. Our statement of contribution says it all, really:

Apithologia ~ enabling, enduring, endeavours

endeavour /ɪnˈdevə(r)/ 

  1. To strive or to do one’s utmost (in a duty or calling).
  2. An attempt to achieve a purposeful goal.
  3. Ernest prolonged and industrious effort (in something new or difficult).
  4. An enterprise or business undertaking.

[From the French, se mettre en devoir ~ (to make it) one’s duty to do.]

Our rationale is that by providing expert support to design and develop contributive enterprises our wider societies will also flourish.