Nine Essences – Mentoring

One of the central ethics in apithology theory is not to be the source of new absences. This comes from a profound appreciation of the origin of pathology in society.

A more difficult inquiry occurs when we feel action is required in the world ~ to remediate, to change society and to impact positively. We may not at that time realise that, in our enacting, we become the source of the absences we seek to make present.

In watching the heart-felt response to ecological degradation over the last 40 years there is now emerging a more reflective awareness. We are moving into a maturing phase of the ‘dialogue of efficacy’ in seeing how our impacting impacts each of us intimately.

For those setting out in this new terrain, there is an inquiry into the essence of what their contribution will bring into the world (in its longer-now).

The apithological question asked is:

If my offering is ‘wildly’ successful, what will be its ultimate affective contribution?

Why people inquire into this (from an apithology perspective) is to recognise that of the Nine Coactions (Aspects Vol. 1. No. 5) only one is mutually contributive to the conception and its context.

It is easy to work through the set with guidance, to know what we are creating, by way of presences and absences.

Nine Essences of Apithology

[-|-] : Destructive

[0\-] : Dissipative

[-/0] : Depletive

[+|-] : Extractive

[0|0] : Consumptive

[-|+] : Exploitative

[+\0] : Distributive

[0/+] : Contributive

[+|+] : Generative


This essential Mentoring Inquiry has a place in an apithology practice, for those appreciating
deeply that “our original commencement sets the trajectory of our enactments”.

Until doing so the question may be asked intimately, what is the essence of what our offering will contribute ultimately?

Was our unwilling intention to be Destructive, Dissipative, Depletive, Extractive, Consumptive, Exploitative or Distributive – or were we seeking to actually do more?

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