Health of Humanity ~ Workshop

I will be in Berlin in August for the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) 59th Meeting and Conference. For this regular annual event I will be presenting a paper on the ‘Apithology of Humanity Psychology’ as a bridging work between recent research on thought-ecologies and the forthcoming book on the generative potentials of the humanity-system (view Abstract).

Of special interest, is that a version of the ‘Health of the Whole’ workshop is also going to be offered on Thursday, 6 August 2015 at the Conference. The title is: ‘The Apithology of Humanity Psychology: An Introduction”.

We conducted a prior form of this workshop with practitioners with 2-6 years training in Apithology praxis in March 2015. This practitioner version of the workshop ran over two days with a  follow up reflections session and covered a vast territory in a short time, where every moment of prior exposure to apithology praxis was used.

For this more public session, a kinder and gentler introductory approach is going to be adopted. After covering some basic concepts and an overview of apithology theory, participants are going to be invited to look intimately at their own practice area of contribution to the systems sciences.

From an apithology perspective, this generative investigation into the Three Healths of humanity becomes a kick-off point for commencement of the inquiry into a personal contribution to the health of the whole. The details of the workshop are:

The Apithology of Humanity Psychology: An Introduction

Date: Thursday, 6 August 2015

Time: 4.00pm – 6.00pm (CEST – Berlin)

Facilitator: Dr. Will Varey

Venue: Stockholm 1 Room, Scandic Hotel, Gabriele-Tergit-Promenade 19, Berlin.

Apithology is a systems discipline that investigates the generative dynamics of living systems. Its specific focus is the causative dynamics of generative health and wellbeing. It provides a counterpart discipline to pathology, which examines the causes of dissipative dysfunction and disease. Apithology as a theory of practice is generated at the humanity-level of inquiry. It is applied in practice at individual-scales through practical applications.

In this Workshop participants will be introduced to the principles of apithology. Participants will be provided with examples of applications and will generate their own. Apithology as a discipline presently has over 120 modalities. This workshop will cover five preliminary inquiry practices: Adequacies, Concordances, Dimensions, Actuations, and Healths. This workshop will focus on their application to the wellbeing of humanity as a generative system, in line with the ISSS 2015 Conference theme.

This will be the first time this Workshop has been made available to practitioners in Europe. Systems practitioners, researchers and students with a humanitarian focus and a specific interest in generative systems are encouraged to attend. (Registration Details: link)